Barber Chairs

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Barber Chairs

Your customers spend nearly their entire time at your place in a barber chair, so it only makes sense that you'd want to offer them the best experience to make them come back. To provide the utmost care and service to your customers, invest in our high quality barber chairs for your salon or barber shop.

Well-designed and functional interiors can set the ambience for your place of business. While lighting, décor, and impeccable service are important aspects you need to ensure, you can impress and provide a satisfying experience for customers at your salon or barber shop with chairs from ComfortStools.

We offer a wide range of styles, from high quality standard varieties, to sleeker, more luxurious chairs that feature higher backrests, wood armrests, and small cell high density foam for added comfort. You can invest in durable anti-fatigue barber mats for your establishment.

Here are a few tips to help you select the right barber chairs for your salon or barber shop:

Choose barber shop and salon chairs that are comfortable, adjustable, and can adequately fit all types of customers. They shouldn’t be too small that users find it hard to sit comfortably, nor should they be too big that stylists won't have enough space to move about as they work.

Apart from functionality, perhaps the most important quality you need to look for in a barber chair is comfort. Considering that most of your customers' time is spent with them seated in the barber chair, you should remember that it should not only be comfortable for them, but for the stylist as well. Make sure that the seat is soft and made of high quality materials and that it's easy for you to maneuver around the customer while you're working.

Style and Color
As the most important furniture in your place of business, the appearance and style of your barber shop chairs matter too. Make sure to select styles that complement the interior décor and layout of your salon. Also, keep in mind that bold colors may not necessarily look good in all salons. Sometimes, it's best to choose a seat made of a moisture-repelling material in basic colors like black, which is elegant and doesn’t require as much effort to maintain.

Extra Features
It would be advisable to pick a chair with all the necessary features such as hydraulic pumps for height or back adjustment, swivels, padded footrests, and cushioned leather seats to ensure comfort and ease of use.